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I was graduate in Anatolian University Cinema&TV Faculty. After school I worked mainstream entertainment TV broadcasters such as ATV, KanalD, Star TV etc. After my executive life, I was starting the producer side. Than start to work in wolds leading TV content company which name is Endemol with the title of head of productions. Endemol Turkey is the one of 32 operational company of Endemol's Worldwide. 3 years a go I married with my college friend Mrs. Burcin Karababa. She is an organic life lover and has a Turkey's leading and the biggest Vermicompost Production company. So I started to help her about organic life.. I learn lot of details about vermicomposting and how it would change our recyling system, also agriculturel ditortion. Now with 2 doughter, happy to help organics:) Also still working too much to entertain people via TV:)