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Francisco Martínez Carreño, 60 years old. I live in Móstoles (Spain)

Professiona experience:

SPANISH FOREIGN MINISTRY, Madrid, Spain • 2009-2012: Assistant to the Master’s Director in Diplomacy & International Relations TELEFONICA DE ESPAÑA, Madrid, Spain • 1989-2008

    Coordinator, Key Customer Technical Consultancy Group, 2000-2008
    Project Manager, 1994-2000
    Numbering Plan Manager, 1990-1994
    Project Manager - Customer Service, 1989-1991

APLICACIONES ELECTRONICAS QUASAR, Leganes, Spain: I&D Designer / Audio Equipment


Senior Telecommunications Engineering Degree: Escuela Tecnica Superior de Ingenieros de Telecomunicacion (ETSIT) Master in European Union Communications: Polytechnic University of Madrid Master in Diplomacy & International Relations: Spanish Foreign Ministry

Professional membership:

Association of Telecommunication Engineers Alumni Association Masters in Diplomacy and International Relations College of Telecommunication Engineering