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This is an archive of Letters to Jeeves that have appeared in the Ask Mrs Jeeves! section of OTPedia.

Today is 8 December 2023, week 49.

November 2011
Dear Mr. Jeeves,

I am so happy that I found you! Do help me please, because I think I got myself into trouble. You see, last week I stumbled upon a mighty interesting website. It's called TED, and it's full of nice little talks. They have subtitles in many languages! When I saw that the subtitles are made by volunteers, I sent those TED people a mail saying that I wanted to contribute too. And before I knew it, I got an answer saying that they would be very happy for me to write subtitles in... Subtitlese! Can you imagine? I do not have a clue as to where to start. I hope you can help.

Desperately yours,

—--Teddy 19:57, 28 November 2011 (UTC)
My dear Teddy,

You have reached the right person. I happen to be an expert in Subtitlese. It will be my pleasure to help you out. Right now, I would advise you to truthfully answer the questions asked to you by the TED people. Once they've given you access to the talk you requested, I suggest we take a look at a few sections just to make you acquainted with the process.

By the way, it's Mrs Jeeves, not Mr Jeeves. My famous great-uncle passed away many years ago.

Looking forward to assisting you,

—--Jeeves 08:08, 29 November 2011 (UTC)