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The second TEDxMadrid transcription marathons took place on October 17, 2015, at the Impact Hub, in Madrid. TEDxMadrid organizers, and OTP members, Antonella Broglia and Javi Garriz, share their experience after the successful day.

How many talks were translated after your first marathon last year?

All the talks that we considered spreadable in cultures and contexts other than ours and with an idea worth spreading beyond the day of the event where translated, 16 videos. We left out the 3 minutes speeches from the audience and other local brief speeches.

Watch TEDxMadrid 2014 talks with English subtitles.

How did you prepare for the marathon this year?

We did the same as last year when we launched the call for volunteers: we did it during the event, and during the event too we asked the volunteers from last year to stand up to get an applause, and all of them were wearing the OTP T-shirts and responded to questions at the end of the event about the experience of transcribing.

What we did new was to start at 9.30am instead of 11am, knowing how long the process really is, and review/approve each others' videos, all in the same day. So we are now ahead in the process vs last year.

Were all volunteers new, or were there some from last year?

Out of 20, 16 were new, 2 were experienced and we used them for the transcription of the most complex videos, and 2 were supervising and helping the work of the beginners. But it is nice to mention that ALL last year marathonians volunteered again.

Now that you had two successful marathons, what are the best practices you can share?

Call during the event, start early, use veterans, review and approve the same day.

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