Simon Lewis: Don't take consciousness for granted

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The Talk

Errors in the transcription

In 6:14, he definitely does not say "to". This word is important, because it alters the meaning of the sentence completely. 
I don't think it make sense. I think it's just an incomplete sentence. Hence my proposal:
 00:06:14,000 --> 00:06:16,000
 All of this is leading to computer addiction.
 All of this is leading -- computer addiction,

 00:06:16,000 --> 00:06:18,000
 Just to cover that, the most frequent thing we do
 just to cover that: the most frequent thing we do

 00:06:18,000 --> 00:06:20,000
 is use digital devices.

 In 6:22 of this talk, Simon Lewis says that the average teenager sends 3,300 text messages a day. With
 only 1,440 minutes in a 24 hour day, that would be amazing. Simon Lewis participated in a
 conversation about his talk, where he says the following (16 July 2011): "I apologize for the confusion I
 caused. As I clarified to another kind person who asked this, I mispoke and the statistic is some 3300
 texts a month. The error, is from my experience in coma and that I describe in my book. In my coma I
 experienced a river of time and the moment when time stood still. It remains still for me ever since, and
  time for me is flat ("Flat Time,") In Flat Time, a day and a month are the same examples of Now.

 Hence easy for me to transpose, but I apologize, and the statistic is indeed 3300 texts a month, and
 studies indicate that shorts bursts of information weaken concentration."
 So I think you can safely correct this to 3,300 a month.

 In 12:29 the [unclear] is the craniomandibular system; it's shown clearly on the slide a minute earlier.

 In 12:42, he speaks of the relationship between the TMJ (the temporomandibular joint) and the teeth.
 It's clear from the picture and from the audio that the transcript should be corrected:
 00:12:36,000 --> 00:12:39,000
 this is the interrelationship between the TMJ of the teeth.
 this is the interrelationship between the TMJ and the teeth.

In 14:42, there's another [unclear]. I think it is TOS-syndrome. Look at the slide that's shown: it says
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, which is abbreviated as TOS. TOS-syndrome is consistent with the audio.