Kevin Slavin: How algorithms shape our world

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This is a page of resources and discussion for "Kevin Slavin: How algorithms shape our world"

The talk




About the speaker

Area/Code (his co-founded company)






Materials on the slides

Michael Najjar (Flash site. The photos of mountains are found under artwork - high altitude [2008-2010])

Nanex's report

The Making of a Fly: The Genetics of Animal Design

Netflix’s algorithms


Roomba vs. Neato

Aerial photo of New York

  • The location of the photo is around New York City Hall: map
  • The building labeled "CARRIER HOTEL" is 60 Hudson Street
  • Other labels (Cherokee Nation, Bluegrass, Marco Polo, Blue Bandsaw, Frog Pond, TILT) are all names appear in the Nanex’s report "May 6'th 2010 Flash Crash Analysis"

Spread Networks

"Planetary-scale computing architectures for electronic trading" is a part of "Handbook of Electronic Trading" (In press).

Terms and expressions

Algorithmic trading

all-in "To bet all your chips, or to call with all your chips."

Boston Shuffle - This is name for a peculiar quote sequence and it’s taken from a juggling trick: video. Note that Slavin uses term "Boston Shuffler" instead of "Boston Shuffle".

The Crash of 2:45

carrier hotel (colocation centre)

rock saw images

Manifest Destiny

Errors in the transcript

308  [fixed]
00:12:02,000 --> 00:12:05,000
like the Boston shuffler could.
like the Boston Shuffler could.

250  [fixed]
00:09:40,000 --> 00:09:42,000
So none of this Misha Goss
So none of this mishegas
# "mishegas" or "mishugas" (alt. spelling) is a Yiddish word meaning "craziness" 
... or a crazy mess, it's deep Jewish vernacular. --Slavin

279*  [fixed]
00:10:48,000 --> 00:10:50,000
and you're five seconds behind,
and you're five microseconds behind,

(* newly found one.)


This talk was held in Session 3 of TEDGlobal 2011 and TED translators attended to the conference were all in left front seats at the time. In the video of this talk, those translators in the audience appear on the screen frequently.